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Guy Richie has been going through a somewhat renaissance of late, after 11 years away from the British crime genre he has finally had the faith to bring out a new adventure, but the reel question is will this drug-filled gangster flick have Layers to this Cake or be a total Snatch?
I will be the first to admit, I didn’t like Aladdin. I remember calling it “the death of Disney” I realise now that was wishful thinking. Disney is immortal. However, I can’t dispute money and Aladdin made that, which is why most were surprised that it was announced that Richie’s next venture (The Gentleman) was going to be something altogether more in keeping with his previous reputation.
You can feel through the lens that Guy Richie is enjoying coming back to the fold, he uses every trick and joke to emphasis this. The entire premise of the film is that Fletcher (played by an outstandingly slimy Hugh Grant) is pitching his idea for a film to Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) something I am positive Guy Richie has done multiple times before. The story is complete with a reshoot of scenes (when Fletcher diverts too far from the truth) and even a comment about aspect rations for the picture. The title of Fletcher’s film he wishes to make? Bush. Something tells me that in a drawer in Guy Richie’s house is the same title for Lock Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrels.
It’s nice to see that Richie has learned something in the intervening years between the truly dreadful Revolver and today. Richie has learned how to keep current with both tone and characters while keeping the more classical aspects of the genre intact. It’s as if he has wholesale lifted characters from The Long Good Friday and transported them to the new millennium to face some of the more unexpected issues around. There is a moment where Raymond is faced off with several youths carrying knives while trying to acquire a mobile phone with incriminating evidence on, an issue I’m positive Colin never had to consider.
The characters have too evolved with the times as opposed to the usual cut and paste hard as nails men, we are given a wide variety of parts to invest in. The most notable 4 are Raymond, Fletcher, Micky and The Coach. Each of these acts are unique, Raymond, for example, has an obsessive-compulsive disorder or The Coach who trains street kids to be better men both inside and outside the ring. These are troupes we have not seen from Richie before, he has grown.
What has also grown is Richie’s ability to tell a story, while films like Lock Stock, Snatch and even Rock’n’Rolla still stand up, you never realised how limited Richie’s abilities were until they are highlighted by a movie like The Gentleman. In his previous work, it would be fair to say he is overly indulgent in a world he is clearly in love with. In The Gentleman, Richie chooses the high road giving us only flickers of the gangster underbelly while never letting up on the violence.
The Gentleman is the perfect tonic of comedy, surprises, and outstanding acting. Like a good malt, Richie had to go through a few barrels first.
10 Weeds out of 10.

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Totally absorbed. Great plot, great cast, great film.
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